Amelia Island Film Festival Announces Awards Winners 2010

The Amelia Island Film Festival is scheduled for February 25 – March 1, 2010. The festival has just announced this year’s awards winners. The Richard Widmark Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Jonathan Demme this year.

The festival will honor Jonathan Demme’s work by featuring the following films:

A Man from Plains (2007).
The documentary about President Jimmy Carter that will screened on Sunday, Feb 28 at 1pm at the Hampton Inn & Suites at 19 S. 2nd Street;

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)
This film was partial filmed in Fernandina Beach to be shown at the Hampton Inn & Suites at 3pm; and

The Agronomist (2003)
Demme’s last documentary on Haiti that will screened in partnership with the Salvation Army Relief Fund for
Haiti to be screened on Friday, Feb 26 at 11 am at the Fernandina
Beach City Hall at 204 Ash Street.

Here is the list of award winners for 2010:

Richard Widmark Lifetime Achievment Award

Equinox Documentaries of Florida to be awaded the
Don R. Davis Memorial Award for the Best Florida Film of 2009

Brett Carlson to be awarded the AIFF Best Comedy– Sid Sax Memorial Award

AIFF Inaugural Screenwriters Institute featuring Nadine Vaughan, Sharon Cobb, Dave D’Ardenne, Rick Traum & H. Thomas Hayden

Nadine Vaughan is a published Florida author of Native Son and film producer of The Touch featuring Nicole Travolta that will be screened at the Festival. Nadine is the newest AIFF Board Member.

Sharon Cobb is a Florida Screenwriter that lectures and contributes her expertise to State & National Film Industry communities.

Dave D’Ardenne is a professional videographer that works for
ABC News that lives in Northeast Florida.

Rick Traum is past Executive Producer of NBC’s Tonight Show &
Saturday Night Live, former CFO of Radio City Music Hall and is a Board Member of the AIFF.

H. Thomas Hayden is a film producer from Camden County, Georgia,
presently filming in Georgia and Fernandina Beach his story about the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

For more info please call the AIFF Hotline at:
904.355.1110 or visit: