Daytona Beach Film Festival

Daytona Beach Film Festival takes place November 11 – November 13, 2011. This year it’s the eighth annual Daytona Beach Film Festival, and also the debut of the two-decade-old, fine-arts film society’s return to Daytona Beach.

A wide selection of films is being chosen to be shown at both News-Journal Center and the Cinematique Theater, along with the annual student film competition and a program of short films. The festival, presented in partnership with the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, will include filmmakers and stars presenting many of the movies.

The Opening Night movie is “About Fifty”, which  is the second feature film for director Thomas Johnston. He co-directed his first feature, “Jerome”, released in 2001 and was a hit on the festival circuit worldwide including the AFI Los Angeles and Berlin Film Festivals. The Los Angeles Times wrote of “Jerome”, “an example of mature, disciplined American Independent filmmaking at it’s best.”  Tom is a long-time associate of the filmmaking Coen Brothers, as well as director Robert Redford. 


Additional information and tickets available at, or (386) 871-7873.