Florida’s Birding & Photo Fest

This is the 10th Annual Florida Birding & Photo Festival offering more than 130 exciting birding and outdoor photography events during the event taking place in St. Augustine April 25 – 29, 2012.

In addition to the epopular nature tours and excursions, the festival also includes workshops on preparing your images and composition, photographing birds in flight, selections and layer masking, flash techniques as well as field photography workshops. The Birding & Photo festival is headquartered at the Whitney Lab for Marine Bioscience at Marineland. During the event you get the opportunity to discover the extraordinary bird life in the area as well as exploring the natural habitats through bird walks and boat and kayak trips. Florida’s Birding and Photo Fest is an event you don’t want to miss if you are a nature lovers or outdoor enthusiast who loves photography.


Click here to visit the website to check out the complete schedule because many tours and workshops sell out early.

Photography: Roger Graw -- Great Egret