Savannah Asian Festival

On June 23, 2012, you can take a trip to Asia without leaving the Southeast when the City of Savannah’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Asian-American volunteers present a colorful celebration of Asian countries and cultures. The 17th Annual Savannah Asian Festival brings an entire continent of unique cultures, cuisines, performances and fun to the Savannah Civic Center .

Asian Cuisine, Arts and Crafts
The festival will offer samplings of exotic cuisines from across the continent. Several local restaurants, will be presenting a selection of regional favorites from Polynesia, China, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.
In addition, there will be an array of other live musical, martial arts and dance performances on stage from performing groups representing Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Polynesia, and Thailand.

Browse the Cultural Marketplace to learn more about each country and discover the traditional arts, crafts, fashions and treasures unique to each nation. From Ming-shard jewelry to calligraphy sets, original paintings, hand-beaded clothing, exotic accessories and henna body painting, an entire continent’s worth of treasures that can be found in the marketplace. Also enjoy a workshop on the Asian & Middle Eastern Tea Ceremonies.

“This event has grown so much over the years; each year is an opportunity to celebrate the many similarities and differences in the cultures of Asia,” said Grandmaster Jong Lee, a long-time participant of the event. “Some people may not realize that Asia spans all the way from the Middle East, to Russia and over to the Polynesian Islands. The Asian community in Savannah is very proud to have this opportunity to showcase our heritage at this festival.”

Fun for Kids
Children can be entertained in the children’s activity area, where they can learn more about Asian cultures through hands-on activities. They can have fun experimenting with Japanese fan projects, Diwali treasure boxes, Asian flag making and other cultural crafts.
The Savannah Asian Festival is free courtesy of the City of Savannah. The festival takes place at the Savannah Civic Center, located at Montgomery and Liberty Streets. Parking at the Civic Center is free for the day. There is a charge for food and purchases from the Cultural Marketplace.

For a complete performance schedule visit or call (912) 651-6417.

Savannah Asian Festival